Apr 19 2011

Broadband 4/21

We can now have Roadrunner installed without having to pay $900 for them to dig a ditch to our house from the pole! For some strange reason the power lines never went across our front property, connecting the poles on either side of us. The electric company is upgrading and replacing the poles and lines in our subdivision, so they decided to run the lines across our property. We were disappointed at first, because it  ruins our pristine view of the Christmas berry trees across the street, but then it dawned on me that maybe Oceanic can run their cables across now, too! Sure enough, they checked, and we are now waiting for them to install broadband for free Thursday. We should have faster speeds that will allow me to really concentrate on posting some content to the site…

The installation was a success, and it’s the fastest service that we have ever owned to date!
Upload Speed: 1MegaBite
Download Speed: 5MegaBite, supposedly to double by the end of the year
Although after thinking about it, my speeds are closer to 2MegaBite upload and 10MegaBite download. Let’s just say that I haven’t had to be as patient when transferring files lately ;)