Dec 28 2011

Merry Christmas

This is the second version. My critic/editor thought it needed some tweaks. So, we have sound this year! Last year was supposed to have sound, but something was wrong with the previous version of Anime Studio. I thought this year’s animation was a lot easier to create with all the new features in Anime Studio. They just need to improve their audio tools. Anime Studio has certainly come a long ways since it was first released by Smith Micro. Not as much motion this year because I was trying to get it out on time, despite it being a day late anyway. Besides, I like cutout animation anyway. Maybe someday I’ll take full advantage of Anime Studio’s capabilities. I recently bought some tutorials that should help with that. Unfortunately, I have a bad knack for coming up with ideas at the last minute. Rarely do I ever have a couple of months to work on a project. Truthfully, for a minute there, I thought that I would have to break tradition and not release an animation this Christmas. The stampede sound is supposed to be all the pets running outside with Holly to watch the snow come down. Yes, that is a Thomas Kinkade painting. And in case you’re wondering, the background music is the 3rd track from Jingle Dogs “Waltz of The Snowflakes”. By the way, that is an actual article that I took a snapshot of about it hailing in Waimea, and not just on the mountain either. Merry Christmas to one and all…both furry and not!