Nov 09 2011

Sick Updates

Hehe, no, I’m not using sick as a slang word, but literally. It seems now that the only time I have to work on my web sites is when I get sick. And guess what? I’m sick again! The last time I updated this web site I was sick. It’s not a tradition that I want to establish, but what can I do? My schedule has gotten busy with keeping up my business, staying involved in the community, and preparing to run for office (more about that at a later time). Now I know why most active community volunteers are retired…it’s because they have time! So I’ve spruced up the site a little adding the galleries of my cartoons and tracts. I’m still working on adding the captions to the cartoons. But with RSS feed now, you too can know immediately when I update the web site! Pretty cool, huh?